Accomplishment or Failure?

So it's now 1:30am on Sunday night, I managed to start on the bathroom, toilet all cleaned off, sprayed down the shower removed the old toilet seat to replace it with a new one and BAM. The darn nuts on the bottom of the toilet that holds the hinges to the old toilet seat on will not come off and I just happen to not have any tools handy. Just Great! So I just spray out the shower and went in the living room to watch the stuff I recorded from earlier to watch. I did manage pick up some of the sock knitting though got the heel shaping done and have begun with the bottom instep. I'll probably need another couple hours direct on it to finish up but think I'm going to hold off on the seaming till i have both socks knitted up. I'll add pictures eventually but for now you'll just have to hear me talk about.


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