Yarn Questions for Giveaway.

This post will basically cover any questions you have about the yarn as it seems I can not reply directly to the comments. SO here goes.

Q: How much does the yarn sell for?

A: Normally I retail my hand dyed , mill spun yarns for $24. My hand spun yarns are a little more expensive. Right now I do have some bundles for a greatly discounted price as they are from a different base supplier and dye test samples.

Q: Is this dyed with Kool-Aid?

A: Unfortunately no. Although I have tried using Kool-aid and food coloring when I first started dabbling into dyeing yarn. The Neon's from McCormick gave me the best results but I wanted to be more professional with my process. So all my yarns are dyed with professional grade acid dyes.

Q: What is the fiber content? How much does is weigh? What size is it? How many yards?

A: Well this is a 100% Wool Yarn. They each weigh 100g. It's a worsted yarn and runs about 200yd each.

Q: What is this colorway called?

A: This is our "Electric PRIDE" colorway is it a neon rainbow variegated yarn. It also comes in a self striping version. 

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