Write a Book or not to Write a Book?

Been sitting here for a few hours and thinking, you know the last couple of weeks I've had a lot of time to think and it's just amazing of all the things you think of at times. But tonight I've been thinking I really want to write a book. Even if it never gets published or no one reads it. I want to write something that's about my life including all my experiences plus branch out into the craziness of life that is my friends, family and people I've met along the way as I remember it. There will probably be some embellishments on some of the stories but will definitely be as true as I could possible remember it. I know this sounds like one of my crazy ideas but I feel it's something I really need to do for some reason. I think the hard part now is where to start and what to do. I have the idea in my head and the story is all there, now it's just getting it down in ink so to speak. I'll just have to keep looking online on how to begin. Mainly it's the organizing or what the book will be who is gonna be in it and how it's going to flow from beginning to end.

Exchanging a gift that someone gave you.

So I'm reading this article online about how to go about exchanging a gift given to you on christmas and then I get down to the comments section where people get all high and mighty and i'm just shocked

So someone you know be it a family member , your BF/GF or a friend got you a gift for Christmas, and it falls in the many categories of Gift FAILS ( too small, too big, ugly, no use for it, not something you wanted, etc... ) OMG! What do you do now? well here is what I have to say about that.

First let me just say if someone doesn't know you well enough by now to know what you like or would want then they really shouldn't be getting you something without trying to atleast find out. I don't mean to sound so cold or want to come off that way in this post but I think it needs to be put out there cause you know all us have been on the receiving end of a bad gift and some of us have been on the other end and gave a bad gift.

Major issue. When someone gifts you clothing it usually always ends in tragedy. It's either too small, too big, really ugly or just something you'd never be caught dead in. Usually most of these items come from your parents or grandparents and sometimes from friends, GF's & BF's. So to avoid these issues on Clothing gift fails here are some helpful hints for both parties.

Receiver - Do your self a favor make up some kind of index card style gifting stats on yourself for people. Sadly certain people in your life really should know you by now and should really know better but unfortunately that's not always the case. Something like this can really come in handy but it can also back fire. Don't hand them out to everyone, just the people you know who usually get you these kind of things and need to know you garment stats. Basically just list you sizes and fits, color choices, fabric likes and dislikes maybe even allergies. Something like this can avoid hurting someones feelings when you get something you don't like and can also save you the hassle of having to return and exchange a gift cause honestly who wants to go through all that.

Giver - OK i'm gonna just come out and say it. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE BUYING FOR! And from that if you're still content on buying clothing for someone I'd suggest asking that person what they like and don't like and what size they may be. You don't have to be out right with it but you really do need an idea cause going in blind when it comes to clothes for someone else can be disastrous. OH and Moms, Dads, BF's & GF's, if you don't know by now what those people like then SHAME ON YOU! OK, so say you did things the right way and you think you got them what they wanted but aren't totally sure. Please leave the receipt in the box with it just in case and let them know it's ok if they take it back or exchange it .

This one can be alil easy but still tough so again here are a few tips.

Giver - I'd say no matter what it is electronic that you give just make sure that a receipt is given with it incase something happens where they have to take it back especially if it say a warranty. one But really if you know the person you are gifting for is tech savvy you should really know what they'd like or want as far as this subject goes.

So this one is for everyone. Money and Gift Cards.
OH what a wonderful delight to get. I can't tell you how much I love it.

Giving money can do no wrong just realize who you're giving money to, to determine how much you want to give.

Gift Cards can be alil tricky though. This is when you really need to know who you're giving it to. There are all types of gift cards out there. The best kind are the ones that are basically like prepaid credit cards or all purpose gift cards. Can be used just about anywhere for anything. Usually your best bet and the best way to go if you know your person if really picky. Store specific gift cards you just want to make sure you know where that person shops alot. Same goes for Restaurant gift card, give them one to somewhere they eat at alot or like.

That should cover your basics. I know there are so many more things I could have added but these are the Major issues  and my opinions on them . I hope this was helpful.

Dec 12th Updates

Hey Peoples :)

OK, so what kinda news do I have for you today? Let's see, well I'm gonna post some links to things I feel people should check out. And I'm gonna tell you about the progress of some things I'm working, plus some other random stuff going on in my life. So let's get started shall we.

I guess I'll start off with some (Works in Progress).

  • Top down Raglan sweater. This one is about a child's size Small/Med. I'm knitting it in a Blueish/Lavender color and I've decided to add a lace pattern to the front of the sweater just below the chest. This is the lace pattern I've decided to use Orca Tails , just adapted to fit the sweater. The pics below show the sweater at It's early stages. I'm more the a 3rd down the body of the sweater already but have set the project aside to take a break from it for a moment.
  • Neck Cowl / Short Scarf. This item is for a friend. He's been eying this thing for sometime from a Knit Wear designer he saw on face book, so I took a look at the thing to see how it was made and constructed and saw that it was really basic and offered to make him one because , well I wanted to and I just so happen to have the colors and type of yarn it was made in. Down below shows a pic of the item , not the one I'm doing but the original and I'll post links to their sites. 
  • abhaya fibers on facebook 
  • abhaya fibers on Etsy 
  • abhaya fibers Blog 

 So I guess now onto the music aspect of things. I've finished my mixes for World's Away by Aiden Leslie ( Facebook ) Still working on mixes for Tyler Jacob's song"Cry No More" ( Facebook , Official Site )
"Party of the Year" Jipsta ft Sandy B is finally out and doing well got news that we made #2 Breakout on the Billboard Dance Charts. This is a song I produced ( Diva Nation ) for him early in 2009 that's finally seeing the light of day. Oh and I'm also working on stuff for Mila Jam.

OK so now on to the Links YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  • Very Pink Knits ( Website , Youtube ) I love this lady. The tutorials on her youtube page are GREAT, I couldn't recommend a better place to find videos on hand knitting patterns online. The cool thing is she doesn't really give you the actual patterns or measurements in the video she just helps you work through her patterns that are available for purchase on her site. I got hooked (no pun) when I saw her Socks videos. SOOOOOOO great. 
  • Diana L. Sullivan ( Youtube , Blog ) I came across Diana's sites through Ravelry. I'm on a BOND sweater machine knitting group on there and she posted a link to her BLOG which also contains the videos she has on her Youtube page. Very helpful stuff and so useful too. Go take a look. 
This is basically all the stuff that's going on for me right now. I have to give my sister a ring tomorrow while I'm thinking about it. I'm supposed to house sit for her over Christmas while her and her hubby travel. My mom was supposed to do it but unfortunately she passed away the Friday after Thanksgiving. So my sister asked me to do it and I gladly said yes. I'm still trying to find a job but I think the hunt is going to have to wait till after the holidays. I really want to work again. Being broke and not being able to help the hubby out with the bills really sucks and is getting me down. Hopefully the darkness will pass and the light will once shine again but for now it's just 1 day at a time. The House cleaning is still a slow and steady process but it's getting done. I started on the living room but I think what I wanna do next is tackle the basement so that anything that needs to be moved down there can be . I'm going to concur this house if it kills me. I really want a CLEAN house to live in for once. Well I guess that's it then for now . Till next time :)

Not So Happy Holidays

Hey Everyone,

Well where do I start? I guess with the bad news. I never thought it would happen this soon but such is life and things just happen out of nowhere. I've had the unfortunate experience of having my Mother pass away on Friday Nov. 26th. I knew she wasn't doing well health wise for the last few month but she fought long and hard to try and keep her spirits and her health up for everyone. Luckily she got to spend time with her grandchildren before she passed. I'll truly never get over my mothers death because she meant the world to me even in our times of disagreement I still loved her to death (and beyond) thankfully she knew how much I loved her and with that I think it was easy letting go and getting past the fact I'd no longer see her again. I have my memories and she'll always be with me in my heart and hopefully she's still around me keeping an eye out on me as I move forward in life. Mama you don't have to worry anymore now, no more pain and suffering.

Now on to some positives. I started working on a raglan sweater which will probably fit my Niece, Destiny. Start date was Monday Nov 15th worked on it for about 7 days then took a breaks the following week. I picked it back up around the 29th and now I'm pretty much halfway down the body of the sweater. hopefully i'll have it done soon.

Also I'm making some great progress on the the cleaning in the living room. Got a little frustrated tonight cause I got to a section that was alot of his stuff and he's picky about what get touched or tossed etc... so I stopped but I'm about to go back and get started again cause if I stop for too long now I'm not sure I'll get anything done. OH and why is it that when you're trying to clean it just feels like you're making a bigger mess LOL.

I'll post again soon I promise, no month at a time inbetweens :)

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