February goodness!


OK so where should I start? Well since this is all about me being random in thought. I decided I'm on a mission to knit some socks damn it. last week I hand knit 1 multi green sock it came out well so that's where my mission began. What is the easiest way to knit a sock?  Trying to subtract time via not having to sew up any seams or even hand knit it. Well tonight I think I came to the conclusion that, Hand knit socks in the round is the easiest and maybe the fastest, and here's why. so last week when I knit the 1 green sock it was broken up over 3 days with about 2 hours time invested. Tonight I tried to knit 1 on the Bond and that didn't go so well. Spent 3 hours in the basement trying out a pattern with adjustments for my size the outcome not so good and the time put in not good either, not to mention if I had done both socks on the Bond and they did come out perfect I'd still need another 30 minutes to an hour to sew the seams. So hand knit it is. My other issue is finding the right measurements for my size, so even though I've done all the basic math in my head it's all going to come down to having to swatch the yarn I'm going to use find the gauge and knit my sock accordingly. OK so that's alil more work then I want to do. I hate sounding lazy when it comes to knitting but jeez I just want to knit the damn thing and be done with it LOL I want some damn socks already. BTW I've knitted socks on the Bond before and they came out good but I want something that's actually in a mens size. My quest continues for now and hopefully I can post some results once they happen.

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