Rain Rain go away!

Hey Everyone,

Wow, It's Oct 6th already and I could have sworn I just wrote a blog entry yesterday. Silly me, the days are just running together anymore. So I've made some cleaning progress with the house, nothing huge but some small steps in the right direction and I think the rest of the day I'll be doing various things around the house so that I can get this place into order. I'd really love to start on the basement and get that all sorted out with so that I can set up a nicer work area down there and maybe even actually get to move the stuff out of the dinning room and maybe even the back room so we have an actual house. It's time to get the hubby's butt in gear so we are on the same page. I'm sure he's think well if i'm home now alot and not working I should be doing something but I think he should at least help me alil bit you know. So yeah where was I? LOL Oh yeah cleaning. I'll most likely start with some laundry today and organize that and maybe see about getting Purple Heart to pick up some things. I know we have tons of stuff here that he nor I wear that can be given away or sold. Alot of other things I had in mind I wanted to do personally I will be putting on the back burner for the time being because of things out of my control. As for the job tip, It's coming slowly and I've applied for a  few places online so I'll be waiting to hear back from them in the next couple of days to weeks but I'm still keeping an eye out for any job opps that may come up.

As for my crafting stuff, I'm so excited to started on working on some new things but I really want a fresh and clean space to work in before I really start on something again. I have the screen printing stuff, Knitting, Sewing and Crochet I'd like to do but with the confined space and it being so messy and restricting I feel like my creativeness is getting sucked out of me.

Oh and this weather isn't helping me feel better either will it just stop and be regular fall weather for once LOL.

Anywho I guess that's all for today, till next time :)

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