1st BOND Sweater

Hey Everyone,

  So It's been a few since the last post. I think I may have said I was gonna post everyday about knitting I've done that day. Sadly enough I don't think I've followed through with the knitting 11 minutes a day for 2011 like I wanted to. BUT I'm still knitting so all is not lost. Friday I started a sweater on the BOND USM ( that's a manual knitting machine for those don't know) the pattern is by Cheryl Brunette, who is an amazing person. Even though I've only just come across her online and chat with her through the Facebook USM Group we both belong to, She has shared so much with everyone and is such a great teacher when it comes to making a sweater. I'll post links to some videos and info about her in a bit but let me show you the sweater I made first.

And there it is, a child's size 3 sweater I believe that it turned out to be. I'm very pleased with it and to top it off it doesn't look crappy or cheaply made. It too me a total of about 6 hours over 3 days. Not too bad but I'm sure if I wanted to I could just do it all in one shot and be done with it .

OK so here are the links for the stuff involving Cheryl Brunette

Sweater 101 website & book 
Cheryl Brunette Youtube Videos for the BOND ISM/USM

Meet your BOND - Playlist ( all the videos play back to back in order)
First BOND Sweater - Playlist ( all the videos play back to back in order)

Enjoy Everyone and Happy Knitting :) 

Todays Progress and Updates

Wow , I feel so accomplished today LOL. even though my clock/schedule is running alil odd lately. I seem to bee keep night owl hours but let me get back on track here.

For my 11 minutes a day I sat and finished up the body of this Raglan Sweater. And boy does it feel good  to actually get to a goal . Now all I have to do is work these sleeves and weave in a few end and I'll be all done.
Here are some pics of the progress.

Now on to other news which would be MUSIC, so I've had some projects to work on since the beginning of the year. Aiden Leslie's Worlds Away, was one of them which I've finished and submitted and comes out in Feb. My friend Cliff has a project called "The Roxtar" and I'm remixing a song called "On The Radio". I have 2 edit versions of my mixes done and I'm just waiting on another friend I produce for to give me a rap vocal to drop in the mixes. I'm also doing a remix for the Perry Twins song "We'll Never Know" ft Abigail plus a remix of "Do it like a Dude" by Jessie J and "Hold it Against Me" by Britney Spears. And some original productions floating around on the table too.

11 minutes a day for 2011

Hey everyone,

          So one of the ladies in the USM FB group has this little thing going on for the year as a type of knit along I think the concept is great and I'm going to be following along right with her. Here is a link to what it's all about 11 Minutes a day for 2011.

Thus far I'm had about 10 - 20 minutes each day since the beginning of the year and put in my 11 minutes this morning while watching "Knit & Crochet Today" . I'll probably end up putting in another few 11 minute session through out the day on the Raglan sweater I have on some needles. I'll be posting my session updates daily so be on the look out. Till later

New Changes for 2011

So I've decided I wanted to make some changes. I gave the blog a new coat of paint so to speak. Hope everyone likes the new layout. It's free generic one but I it fits for what I'm doing :).

Not much to really update on. The Raglan sweater body is almost done but coming along slowly. Still haven't made my way to the basement yet to start cleaning. You know I really should cause I'm starting to piss myself off for the fact I keep putting it off. I know it's not just a hard thing to do I just have to motivate myself to get it done. Umm let's see what else. OH, been getting alot of music work in and most of it done, sucks a majority of it is free work but sometimes you just gotta do those freebies I guess.  I can't believe its already the middle of January. So I guess I'll be back in a few days for another update once I have something to talk about :) See ya then.

First post of 2011 !

Hey everyone or anyone? LOL oh well I'm sure there is someone out there who reads my posts. It's better off that I don't dwell on or think about if anyone is reading it so as to not lose my sanity over it. So in my last post I said I wanted to write a book,which I very much do but I've come to realize that the process is more then I thought it would be. It's something that I am still very much interested in doing and I have so many ideas in my head of what I would want to write about but right now I think I need to focus on other things and not get my self caught up in something I'm not sure I can handle right now. Luckily there are some easy and alternative avenues in the book making / writing direction I can take but for now I'm just going to back burner the idea.

So on my Dec 12th post I talked about some projects I have in the works. I'll give some updates on those now.

The Top Down Raglan Sweater is probably about 60% done now. I'm almost to the bottom of the body portion then I'll just have the sleeves to do and I'm done. here are some pics of the progress.

Next is the Neck Thingie / Cowl I'm making for a friend. I have 1 more section to finish off then it's done all I'll need is to find 2 Huge buttons then it will be complete. Here is a pic of the progress.

(add on 5 to minutes later)
OH, I forgot to mention. I took some pics of my work area in the basement at it's now/beginning phase. I have a goal in mind but I haven't set a deadline yet for when to accomplish said goal. I'm part of a Quilting forum on Ravelry.com and they started a thread called CLEAN SWEEP. It's about you work space before and after. So I took some pics and posted them as to get some motivation. Hopefully that happens, crossing fingers. Here are so pics of that.
These 2 pics above are the area I'm in now.

These 2 pics are where I'd like to move my area to.

Yeah so those are about it for what I'm doing right now. Musically I have some things on the table I need to finish up but to see a mental image of that is kinda a episode of Clean House. Anywho till next time.

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