OK so I just saw this movie "Precious" and I have to tell you I cried for about 80% of the movie. It plucked at a nerve and just made me realize alot of the stuff I went through growing up, not as deep as the story goes but some of the more surface issues in it. I highly recommend going to see this movie if you have the chance.

Weekly update

Monday - lol I Roget what we did on Monday , I believe we went out to eat and then went home nothing special.

Tuesday - I went to Joanna and bought a butt load of yarn and a new bond knitting machine to attach to my other on so I can have a bigger needle bed to work on.

Wednesday - I had to dj for our reunion night at the club . It went well nice crowd I was pleased.

Thursday - nothing special had off but had to come in anyway to put up some promo stuff around the club.

Friday - had to work.

Saturday - went to the knitters edge today for their extended black Friday sale spent 117 got a lot of nice yarns and a pattern book for mens stuff with Noro yarn by Jane Ellison.

Hopefully tommorrow I can work on my vest.

Blah blah blurp from my iPhone

random mess

Random mess of Yarn mostly just balls of stuff. 

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bottom shelf

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5th shelf

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4th shelf

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3rd shelf

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2nd shelf

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Top shelf

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New Toys YAAAA!

So I went shopping today bought a folding chair to use in the basement, a small rug for me to put on the floor under that chair, a new bond knitting machine to attach to the other one so I can have more needles to work on and a bunch more yarn. I've been buying alot of yarn and I still have a crap load from last year when I splurged on JL yarn. ok so i'm gonna post these pics and see what happens

Drag Pageant Aftermath!!

OMG someone please save me! LOL. So I had to fill in for my hubby and DJ a our Nightclub/Bar's Annual Drag Pageant and let me tell you it wasn't fabulous at all. The person I was hoping to win didn't even place, 2 contestants dropped out at last minute and the winner well no one likes her, she's very hated and a trouble maker not to mention that she doesn't even support of come to the place on a regular basis like the others ones do. I would have rather the damn thing be fixed then to have to deal with this bitch for a whole year. So yeah it ran smoothly we ended up starting at 830 only 30 minutes behind not too bad. It ended at 11pm. its 2am now I got home around 1 and just waiting for the hubby to get home :) now for Wednesday I have to do the Reunion night that should be fun again standing in for the hubby while he works regular gig.

On the knitting tip I've been bouncing back and for on a few projects which I think I need to get organized on but since this week has been so hectic I haven't gotten much done. so far I have :

1. Alvin Vest by Jane Ellison (bottom ribbing of back) completed but that's as far as I got cause I want to get #6 circular needles so all the stitches sit OK now I have 150 stitches squeezed on 14" straight needles.

2. a Size Small Adult pull over sweater on the bond knitting machine. so far I have the back / front and 1 messed up sleeve ( I won't screw up the second sleeve ) after I do the second sleeve I'll just need to do the neck ribbing and the cuff ribbing then seam up the left and right edges.  (this one isn't for anyone it's just to see how the pattern is made and how the garment looks and if i can change it some to make it something I'd want to wear.) PLUS i want to get another knitting machine so I can connect the 2.

3. A pair of socks done on 2 needles. This has been a stop and go project. I've done socks before with double pointed and on the bond machine now I'm just trying this because I can and want to although I know I won't like that fact I'll have to sew the seams.

so yeah thats just a recap. cause I know I've already talked about these.

I also have some things I started and never picked back up from last winter.

1. Thick 1x1 ribbed blanket made of Wool Ease yarn in a heather gray and off white or wheat color.
I'm doing it in strips (kinda like a bunch of scarves put together to make a blanket) I have 1 strip done and 2 more started its something I want to pick back up but each strip is about 2 and a half skeins of yarn and each skein is about 7 bucks so at the time it was alil expensive.

2. Orange throw for couch. Just some cheap orange yarn I bought in bulk it was like 8 skeins for 6 bucks so I bought 2 packages. was just making this sorta the same way by seaming 50 stitch strips (scarf like) together I got 3 strips done and just haven't touched it since then.

what am i still doing awake!!!!!

So it's like 8:30 am on a saturday and I still haven't gone to sleep from friday night. BLAH! So my friday was kinda of a bust, I slept till about 5pm got up and ready for work , then I went to work at 7pm. It was kinda dead as usualy and we had new strippers in, big freakin deal, since when was it ok for strippers to just look good but have no personality and or can't dance? It confuses me really. And I never realized how bad acrylic yarn picks up cigarette smoke. (said tracking) I starting doing a size small sweater on the knitting machine on thursday night or wednesday night, can't remember exactly but anyway, I did the whole back piece ( wed or thurs)  then hand knitted the 2x2 ribbing while I was at work today. Also hand knitted the 2x2 ribbing for the front while I was at work so that when I came home all i had to do was put all the stitches on the machine and work the front. That all went alil well. There are a few messed up spots that aren't too noticeable but I know they are there and well it bothers me but It's not something i'm gonna fix at this point cause this sweater is only a test. So yeah, after i got the front and back done I seamed up 1 of the shoulders so I could start an arm. This is were I really screwed up. Instead of doing what the pattern said (more or less reading it carefully) I didn't get the Sleeve shape that is required for the sweater. I was supposed to knit (96 rows) decreasing 1 stitch on each side every 7th row but I only decreased 1 stitch every 7th row which didn't leave me with the 40 stitches it said i should have left on the hooks. I also think that 7 x 13 = 91 and not 96 so the pattern is messed up there too. cause after that you have knit 11 more rows to get 102 and 96 + 11 = 107 in my book not 102 . yeah so the shape on the one arm is messed up but thats ok I made sure everything is where it should be now. so hopefully when I find time again i'll seam up the other shoulder and make the other sleeve. after that all i'll have to do is knit the cuffs and the neck and seam up the sides into the sleeves.  LOL it's giving me a headache just thinking about it . I should have taken pictures of the process but I didn't even think about it. so yeah like i was saying about cigarette smocking really sticking to arcylic yarn. I think I got a headache and somewhat sick from the smell when I got in the basement and having it so close to my face.

Randomness Part 4

so it's back to work today. Having off 4 days in a row now begins to get at you in a way where you just don't want to go back to work after the all that. luckily it's not that many hours I have to put in for the weekend. That's right this week I have to pull double duty with the damn Drag Pageant and the Reunion night. atleast it's Extra money in my pocket. I started the back of a Small adult sweater this morning on my Bond Knitting Machine. Now I just have to do the Front, The Sleeves and the Ribbed edges. It's a pretty simple pattern when you think about it. its just all about measurements and stitch counting and converting the 2. LOL oops lost my train of thoughts i'll continue this later.

iPhone connected

Yaaaaa I'm connected with my iPhone now :) god I'm such a dork.

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Randomness part 3

So it's like almost 6am on Tuesday / Wednesday and I'm still awake kinda. We went out to lunch today and to run the Hubby's friends to get their car inspected, came home did nothing then went to Applebee's for some dinner. I downloaded a printer app for my iphone today and tried it out and it works it's kinda cool but it's also alil pointless at the same time when you have to leave your laptop or PC on just to connect to the damn printer. Non the less it still worked so it's all good. And I updated the look of the blog, I like being alil geeky sometimes so YAAA ME! I uploaded a bunch of pictures of the kitty to flickr ( here is the link ) pics of wally
hopefully that will show up right if not its still there to copy and paste. umm what else? I think thats it for now

Randomness Part 2

Oh geez It's late or early (5am), depending on the type of person you are. I figured I would fill you in on my Monday adventure. I ended up falling asleep on the couch after being up all night cause I couldn't sleep. Been feeling that way lately not sure if I'm just bored or depressed or what the hell is going on but anyway, The hubby woke me up around 1 or so and I ended up just going into the bedroom and falling back asleep. About 4pm he woke me up again looking for the new toilet seat to put on. So he ended up doing that instead of me. We got ready so we could go out to dinner and then to movies. We went to Carraba's which was OK but extremely pricey to me, what we ended paying we could have went out to eat somewhere else 3 times. Then we went to see 2012, it was OK but 2 hours and 40 minutes is a bit much for it and the movie just drug on.

I also bought a new pair of Size 8 circular needles 29" long, i actually need a size 6 for this vest I'm making but they didn't have them so I'll have to wait till I can get over to Knitter's Edge or to Tucker's. I also machine knitted up a new swatch pattern for an alternative design to the vest, using Gray / Black / Lime Green and Fuchsia, It's really pretty.
Striped swatch large colors are actually brighter then they look in the picture.

Machine Knitting these stripes seems to be a bit of a pain in the ass only cause when u switch yarns you have to cut the ends cause it doesn't do well with carrying the yarn up the sides which means you have to do alot of weaving in ends afterwards instead of as you go with hand knitting. I think I'm gonna take some pictures and add them to the blog. Maybe I'll even try to do some kinda redesign to it too.

Accomplishment or Failure?

So it's now 1:30am on Sunday night, I managed to start on the bathroom, toilet all cleaned off, sprayed down the shower removed the old toilet seat to replace it with a new one and BAM. The darn nuts on the bottom of the toilet that holds the hinges to the old toilet seat on will not come off and I just happen to not have any tools handy. Just Great! So I just spray out the shower and went in the living room to watch the stuff I recorded from earlier to watch. I did manage pick up some of the sock knitting though got the heel shaping done and have begun with the bottom instep. I'll probably need another couple hours direct on it to finish up but think I'm going to hold off on the seaming till i have both socks knitted up. I'll add pictures eventually but for now you'll just have to hear me talk about.


Well here I am about 2 hours later, I've had dinner and set down to watch TV in that time, I was hoping the special on Head Shrinking was on but i had missed the first airing of it and have to wait till the Midnight airing and while flipping through the channels i saw that the Wizard of Oz was coming on at 10:15 so i figured i'd watch that till the other thing came on. Meanwhile I know what i should really be doing is umm CLEANING like I said I was going to do. I just can't seem to get my self motivated and at the same time in all this I want to work on my knitting. What a guy to do. I'll let you know how it goes as the night progresses maybe i'll accomplish something. Till then wish me luck.

Randomness Part 1

So where the hell should I start? hmmm ok I've got it.

This coming Sunday we are having the annual Miss Stonewall Pageant at work and since my hubby can't do (which he usually does) I'm filling in for him. What have I gotten myself into? I'm only doing it for the pay, other the that I can't really stand these things. They never start on time, everything is always a hot mess, no one knows whats going on and the people who should just be taking orders and directions just take it upon themselves to run it any which way they please.

Then on Wednesday night we have a reunion night coming up its supposed to be the biggest night for clubs ect since everyone is home for the holiday blah blah blah who cares LOL. Anywho like I said before the hubby normally does this event but since he has previous engagements I'm filling in for him and just like before I'm doing it for the money. I just hope to god like last year I don't get distracted or nervous and screw up because some people like to come in the DJ booth and tell you what to do when they have no clue what to do as a DJ.

Now on to things outside of work. I finally went to the Bethlehem Yarn shop "The Knitter's Edge" OMG let me just tell you, I was so overwhelmed in there. I just wanted to buy everything (all the yarn) LOL. The selection and colors I thought I was in knitters heaven. So I ended up buying some things.

I bought a Men's pattern book ( Queensland collection Book 9 by Jane Ellison) Fabulous book, the patterns are modern easily altered and come in plus sizes, cause I'm a bigger kinda guy :).


I also got some needles and yarn, thank god i bought alot of yarn cause the one pattern I decided to do called for it but i still need to get a few more skeins so that I have enough to complete it. Right now I've only completed the bottom ribbing for the back of the Vest. I have to get a set of circular needles to do this right. I'm very set on finishing this Vest, I HAVE TO. So while I let the vest sit I decided to try my hands at the 2 needle socks again. since I picked up a pair of #2 and #3 10in bamboo needles. I started sock 1 on Thursday night put in about 2 hours ( I like to take my knitting with me to work and knit between orders in the kitchen ) 5 hours on Friday night and about 2 and half on Saturday. I got ankle instep and heel done now I just have to finish the bottom of the foot join at the toe and seam up on the sides and begin the second sock. Once I do this I will be satisfied knowing I can do 2 needle socks even though I know that doing socks on double pointed needles is much easier since I only have to worry about seaming at the toe.


Now for the house issues. I've set a goal for my self around Halloween that I would start getting the house in order for the Christmas holiday so that the hubby and I can actually decorate the house. Let me tell you how overwhelming it is to see such a messy house and get motivated to clean. Yeah exactly. When I moved in it was slightly the way it is now, I know I've added alil to it since then but I really wish I could just focus on getting this house in order on time. And as I'm writing all this I could be cleaning and getting stuff done but tonight I figured I would do this then get to cleaning while the hubby is at work. I've got maybe 3 more 4day weekends to do this and I haven't even begun to break the ice on it yet not to mention the weekend I was motivated i started on the bedroom got maybe 30% of my side of the room cleaned up and on trash day wet the trash out from that side of the room. The hubby decided that what I thought was trash wasn't and he put the bags on the back patio to go through them. Well I wasn't too happy about that and really it just felt pointless to me to do anything else since well I can't through anything out without running it by him and he isn't one to help me out on this issue. So unproductive! Tonight I'm going to attempt to work on the Kitchen and Bathroom and go from there.



So let me just introduce myself and give you alil background on me. My name is Joe, I'm 29. I was born on March 23rd 1980. I'm an Aries. The youngest of 3 children to a Single Mother. I was born and raised in Norristown PA. I lived there for 28 years. I'm openly gay (came out when I was 15) I have a large background in Food & Cooking. I also Read, Write, Produce and Remix music. I dable in other forms of creativeness such as knitting, crochet, screen printing, sewing, minor graphic design, clothing design. I love to entertain as well but that's a newly discovered trait of mine.

At this point in time I work in a Bar as a cook and promotions/ advertising director. I live with my wonderful and beautiful boyfriend of 2 years in a nice little house with our cat Wally. So I think this better much sums up the introduction of me. Now I'll be getting onto all the randomness of my life. Please sit back and enjoy the ride.

WOW first post.

Hey everyone,

So this is gonna be my umph-teen time attempting to try and start a blog. It's going to basically be a random journal about me and what I do in my life, my spare time, my hobbies ect.. i'm sure you get the idea. That's why I've decided to call it "Blah Blah Blog and so on", probably not the most original name but I think it gets the point across to exactly what's going to happen on here:) .

So please bare with me as I try to fix things up a bit here and get my self started and situated. After I get all aesthetics delt with I ramble on about my self so that you'll get to know me alil better.

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