Drag Pageant Aftermath!!

OMG someone please save me! LOL. So I had to fill in for my hubby and DJ a our Nightclub/Bar's Annual Drag Pageant and let me tell you it wasn't fabulous at all. The person I was hoping to win didn't even place, 2 contestants dropped out at last minute and the winner well no one likes her, she's very hated and a trouble maker not to mention that she doesn't even support of come to the place on a regular basis like the others ones do. I would have rather the damn thing be fixed then to have to deal with this bitch for a whole year. So yeah it ran smoothly we ended up starting at 830 only 30 minutes behind not too bad. It ended at 11pm. its 2am now I got home around 1 and just waiting for the hubby to get home :) now for Wednesday I have to do the Reunion night that should be fun again standing in for the hubby while he works regular gig.

On the knitting tip I've been bouncing back and for on a few projects which I think I need to get organized on but since this week has been so hectic I haven't gotten much done. so far I have :

1. Alvin Vest by Jane Ellison (bottom ribbing of back) completed but that's as far as I got cause I want to get #6 circular needles so all the stitches sit OK now I have 150 stitches squeezed on 14" straight needles.

2. a Size Small Adult pull over sweater on the bond knitting machine. so far I have the back / front and 1 messed up sleeve ( I won't screw up the second sleeve ) after I do the second sleeve I'll just need to do the neck ribbing and the cuff ribbing then seam up the left and right edges.  (this one isn't for anyone it's just to see how the pattern is made and how the garment looks and if i can change it some to make it something I'd want to wear.) PLUS i want to get another knitting machine so I can connect the 2.

3. A pair of socks done on 2 needles. This has been a stop and go project. I've done socks before with double pointed and on the bond machine now I'm just trying this because I can and want to although I know I won't like that fact I'll have to sew the seams.

so yeah thats just a recap. cause I know I've already talked about these.

I also have some things I started and never picked back up from last winter.

1. Thick 1x1 ribbed blanket made of Wool Ease yarn in a heather gray and off white or wheat color.
I'm doing it in strips (kinda like a bunch of scarves put together to make a blanket) I have 1 strip done and 2 more started its something I want to pick back up but each strip is about 2 and a half skeins of yarn and each skein is about 7 bucks so at the time it was alil expensive.

2. Orange throw for couch. Just some cheap orange yarn I bought in bulk it was like 8 skeins for 6 bucks so I bought 2 packages. was just making this sorta the same way by seaming 50 stitch strips (scarf like) together I got 3 strips done and just haven't touched it since then.


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