So let me just introduce myself and give you alil background on me. My name is Joe, I'm 29. I was born on March 23rd 1980. I'm an Aries. The youngest of 3 children to a Single Mother. I was born and raised in Norristown PA. I lived there for 28 years. I'm openly gay (came out when I was 15) I have a large background in Food & Cooking. I also Read, Write, Produce and Remix music. I dable in other forms of creativeness such as knitting, crochet, screen printing, sewing, minor graphic design, clothing design. I love to entertain as well but that's a newly discovered trait of mine.

At this point in time I work in a Bar as a cook and promotions/ advertising director. I live with my wonderful and beautiful boyfriend of 2 years in a nice little house with our cat Wally. So I think this better much sums up the introduction of me. Now I'll be getting onto all the randomness of my life. Please sit back and enjoy the ride.


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