Randomness Part 1

So where the hell should I start? hmmm ok I've got it.

This coming Sunday we are having the annual Miss Stonewall Pageant at work and since my hubby can't do (which he usually does) I'm filling in for him. What have I gotten myself into? I'm only doing it for the pay, other the that I can't really stand these things. They never start on time, everything is always a hot mess, no one knows whats going on and the people who should just be taking orders and directions just take it upon themselves to run it any which way they please.

Then on Wednesday night we have a reunion night coming up its supposed to be the biggest night for clubs ect since everyone is home for the holiday blah blah blah who cares LOL. Anywho like I said before the hubby normally does this event but since he has previous engagements I'm filling in for him and just like before I'm doing it for the money. I just hope to god like last year I don't get distracted or nervous and screw up because some people like to come in the DJ booth and tell you what to do when they have no clue what to do as a DJ.

Now on to things outside of work. I finally went to the Bethlehem Yarn shop "The Knitter's Edge" OMG let me just tell you, I was so overwhelmed in there. I just wanted to buy everything (all the yarn) LOL. The selection and colors I thought I was in knitters heaven. So I ended up buying some things.

I bought a Men's pattern book ( Queensland collection Book 9 by Jane Ellison) Fabulous book, the patterns are modern easily altered and come in plus sizes, cause I'm a bigger kinda guy :).


I also got some needles and yarn, thank god i bought alot of yarn cause the one pattern I decided to do called for it but i still need to get a few more skeins so that I have enough to complete it. Right now I've only completed the bottom ribbing for the back of the Vest. I have to get a set of circular needles to do this right. I'm very set on finishing this Vest, I HAVE TO. So while I let the vest sit I decided to try my hands at the 2 needle socks again. since I picked up a pair of #2 and #3 10in bamboo needles. I started sock 1 on Thursday night put in about 2 hours ( I like to take my knitting with me to work and knit between orders in the kitchen ) 5 hours on Friday night and about 2 and half on Saturday. I got ankle instep and heel done now I just have to finish the bottom of the foot join at the toe and seam up on the sides and begin the second sock. Once I do this I will be satisfied knowing I can do 2 needle socks even though I know that doing socks on double pointed needles is much easier since I only have to worry about seaming at the toe.


Now for the house issues. I've set a goal for my self around Halloween that I would start getting the house in order for the Christmas holiday so that the hubby and I can actually decorate the house. Let me tell you how overwhelming it is to see such a messy house and get motivated to clean. Yeah exactly. When I moved in it was slightly the way it is now, I know I've added alil to it since then but I really wish I could just focus on getting this house in order on time. And as I'm writing all this I could be cleaning and getting stuff done but tonight I figured I would do this then get to cleaning while the hubby is at work. I've got maybe 3 more 4day weekends to do this and I haven't even begun to break the ice on it yet not to mention the weekend I was motivated i started on the bedroom got maybe 30% of my side of the room cleaned up and on trash day wet the trash out from that side of the room. The hubby decided that what I thought was trash wasn't and he put the bags on the back patio to go through them. Well I wasn't too happy about that and really it just felt pointless to me to do anything else since well I can't through anything out without running it by him and he isn't one to help me out on this issue. So unproductive! Tonight I'm going to attempt to work on the Kitchen and Bathroom and go from there.


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