Weekly update

Monday - lol I Roget what we did on Monday , I believe we went out to eat and then went home nothing special.

Tuesday - I went to Joanna and bought a butt load of yarn and a new bond knitting machine to attach to my other on so I can have a bigger needle bed to work on.

Wednesday - I had to dj for our reunion night at the club . It went well nice crowd I was pleased.

Thursday - nothing special had off but had to come in anyway to put up some promo stuff around the club.

Friday - had to work.

Saturday - went to the knitters edge today for their extended black Friday sale spent 117 got a lot of nice yarns and a pattern book for mens stuff with Noro yarn by Jane Ellison.

Hopefully tommorrow I can work on my vest.

Blah blah blurp from my iPhone


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