Randomness part 3

So it's like almost 6am on Tuesday / Wednesday and I'm still awake kinda. We went out to lunch today and to run the Hubby's friends to get their car inspected, came home did nothing then went to Applebee's for some dinner. I downloaded a printer app for my iphone today and tried it out and it works it's kinda cool but it's also alil pointless at the same time when you have to leave your laptop or PC on just to connect to the damn printer. Non the less it still worked so it's all good. And I updated the look of the blog, I like being alil geeky sometimes so YAAA ME! I uploaded a bunch of pictures of the kitty to flickr ( here is the link ) pics of wally
hopefully that will show up right if not its still there to copy and paste. umm what else? I think thats it for now


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