First Post of 2010

Well where should I start? I guess Happy New Year's everyone. Things are starting out alil odd and rough but I think once I get past this month things will run alil smoother for me. The family thing for the hoildays feel through . I'm not sure why but my mom decided to cancel it and just not reschedule with the hubby and I. No big deal really but it was just an odd christmas this year. I ended up being along all day Xmas eve and Xmas day but had show on Xmas eve at the club that went ok for the lil bit of people who did come out. New Years Eve was ehh just didn't feel special you know. We ended up going to the casino on Xmas night which was a bad idea even though I did win some money but I thought it would be a good idea to go again later on that week and just lost it all stupid me. And again after new year's now i'm broke just waiting for the money to come in from somewhere. I really need to stop going it's not good.

So i've been trying to keep busy with some side things so I don't lose my sanity . 

1st The music thing is kicking back up again, JP (Jipsta) and I are doing a couple things. We have a few songs in the works and he did some vocals on a track for a Drag Queen in NYC named Britney Houston. so I figured i'd ask if it needed a mix and they said yeah so I'm doing that as well then i asked to see if he could get me a vocal track from his new connection for this Maxi J song called "Bring the Rain" and that came through so I been working on that as well. Now to my surprise Jonny McGovern likes what I'm doing so much he sent me 3 more acapellas to work on but I have to back burner those for the time being cause I have 2 paid jobs i need to attend to before the end of the month. 1 is for JP and that's the Nasty Boys track and the 2nd is a new remix for Ehm for his song Favorite Thangz it was the first song we ever worked on together so that should be fun I hope. Also I hope I can get Dean to get a new project started or something cause I would love to have another album or even an EP released with him this year.

2nd The screen printing stuff, I order a hobby kit plus from Ryonet in washington state it was like 199.95 on sale I ordered it the day after xmas and it says its gonna be here on the 7th so we'll see. I'm just really excited to get started on making T-Shirts and selling them. I may have to do some marketing research to see what kinda shirts people would buy sizes and prices they are willing to pay.

3rd The knitting stuff. I still have yet to seam up the vest I know its messed up after spending all that money on yarn. came out to be a $60 vest . the colors are nice and the knitting is done well but some spots I messed up on, I'd still wear it though. hopefully I can get more projects done and starting selling that stuff too.

ok I think that's it for now its about 630am on tuesday the 5th and I think I'm losing track of what I'm writing so I'll end it here. Till next time.

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