OMG time for a rant

OK, now a lot of the crafting I've been doing I've learned by watching videos online mainly via YouTube, but I've just about had it with the eHow / Expert village videos. I mean COME ON, how do they get away with pawning this crap off on us as informative and informational HOW, I ask HOW? Let's see,

1) The topics you look up aren't even grouped into play lists a majority of the time and if they are they aren't in order so you can watch it step by step.

2) why are they broken up into tiny ass videos like that if you are allowed 10 minutes a video then freakin make each section 10 minutes.

3) They are very vague, and I've noticed that with alot of ones I've had to pay for too. What is it with these instructors not being very detail oriented i mean come on the reason most of us are paying for it or looking and downloading it is because we are beginning and well some of us need it broken down to the most smallest detail.

4) The people doing the video are only out to promote themselves not really caring to much as to give you any info on what the video is supposed to be teaching you.

Oh yeah while I'm at it let me talk about these "CRAFTING" show hosts. There are a few in particular I just can't stand cause to me they are assholes. Let start with naming Martha Stewart and Sue Hausmann. These 2 actually bug me the most and here is why. Martha for instance has this better then you 1 up mentality. Lady can the shit you are no better then anyone else, why do you insist on having guest on and making them look like asses because they choose to do something in a way that you don't get over it lady not everyone is like perfect lil Martha. Ugh I hate it so much when people act like this and do that kinda stuff. Now on to Sue Hausmann. She may be a very nice lady but I think as a host of a she she is a real ass. Time your segments out lady. She always seems to be cutting her guests off on projects and the set up and just arrangement of things, WHAT A MESS! Poor people that go on her show I'm sure have a set up for their project but she is always cutting them off. How about you do some pre-production and make sure you have some time for everything you want to cover in your show, maybe some note cards etc.. Also some of the Stylicious girls
one of them and I can't remember her name but GOD does she always seem miserable and dead on the show or what GIRL snap out of it, if you hate it so much stop doing it. And again they are always cutting each other off with "well why do you do it that way I wouldn't" honestly I don't care just show me how to do it the way that is being shown and if I like it enough to want to do it myself I will probably end up modifying the pattern anyways to fit the way I work.

OK now on to some people I really like, Nancy Zieman (sp) she's not bossy, very informative, right to the point, let's you know that everything is just a point of reference and you can interp things any way you want to as long as you're happy with the final product. Vicki Howell, man I can't get enough of her she is just so up beat and easy to like. enough said. Fons & Porter are my next and last people to add right now. I don't really like them together but when they do segments when it's one or the other man do they have their shit together. I can't tell you how enjoyable it is to watch the show and not feel anger or have to roll my eye or want to turn it off is all i gotta say on them. Now I'm still kinda new being only a few months into the fabric crafts and almost 2 years fully into fiber crafts. I know there are probably a ton of shows out there i could be looking into but these are the ones and peoples that air on my local cable provider so it's all I can really judge on at the moment.

PS. i have a few projects in the works right now that I don't really want to prematurely talk about in case I don't finish them but I'll keep you posted as they are finished. 

More bags and stuff :)

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