what am i still doing awake!!!!!

So it's like 8:30 am on a saturday and I still haven't gone to sleep from friday night. BLAH! So my friday was kinda of a bust, I slept till about 5pm got up and ready for work , then I went to work at 7pm. It was kinda dead as usualy and we had new strippers in, big freakin deal, since when was it ok for strippers to just look good but have no personality and or can't dance? It confuses me really. And I never realized how bad acrylic yarn picks up cigarette smoke. (said tracking) I starting doing a size small sweater on the knitting machine on thursday night or wednesday night, can't remember exactly but anyway, I did the whole back piece ( wed or thurs)  then hand knitted the 2x2 ribbing while I was at work today. Also hand knitted the 2x2 ribbing for the front while I was at work so that when I came home all i had to do was put all the stitches on the machine and work the front. That all went alil well. There are a few messed up spots that aren't too noticeable but I know they are there and well it bothers me but It's not something i'm gonna fix at this point cause this sweater is only a test. So yeah, after i got the front and back done I seamed up 1 of the shoulders so I could start an arm. This is were I really screwed up. Instead of doing what the pattern said (more or less reading it carefully) I didn't get the Sleeve shape that is required for the sweater. I was supposed to knit (96 rows) decreasing 1 stitch on each side every 7th row but I only decreased 1 stitch every 7th row which didn't leave me with the 40 stitches it said i should have left on the hooks. I also think that 7 x 13 = 91 and not 96 so the pattern is messed up there too. cause after that you have knit 11 more rows to get 102 and 96 + 11 = 107 in my book not 102 . yeah so the shape on the one arm is messed up but thats ok I made sure everything is where it should be now. so hopefully when I find time again i'll seam up the other shoulder and make the other sleeve. after that all i'll have to do is knit the cuffs and the neck and seam up the sides into the sleeves.  LOL it's giving me a headache just thinking about it . I should have taken pictures of the process but I didn't even think about it. so yeah like i was saying about cigarette smocking really sticking to arcylic yarn. I think I got a headache and somewhat sick from the smell when I got in the basement and having it so close to my face.


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