It's been awhile ....

Hey everyone out there,

WOW, so it's been awhile since I've posted anything hasn't it . About 3 months to be exact. That's kinda crazy but life has been that way too in those last 3 months. So some good news is I have a job now. Been there since the middle of April I think, had 2 pay raises and a position promo since then too. GO ME !

My crafting time obviously has been cut since working but I still try to find time to squeeze in some needle work here and there be it knitting or crochet. I'm getting itchy to make a new quilt top too.

Music work has been kinda good to me lately. Been working with new people and some old friends. Have some exciting up coming projects that I don't wanna give away just yet you'll have to posted to find out.

The Hubby and I are doing better relationship wise since I'm back on my feet working again and helping him out. So all and all things are looking pretty good and I'm happy with life as it if right now.

Still missing my mom every time I think about her. I'm not as physically emotional about anymore but it's still there. I know she's watching down on me cause I don't think all these good new things would have happened if she saw me just being week and not overcoming the pain.

Well till next time and hopefully sooner then later. I'll keep everyone updated on what's up in my life ;)


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