Book WINNERS!!!!

OK so I didn't feel like waiting till tomorrow cause I'm just antsy and excited like that :)

Well here they are the WINNERS.

2 - Desiree Thompson

17 - wyvern713

22 - Yarnguy716

36 - Bill D

51 - Birdernaturalist

Congratulation guys & gales !

I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered the contest it was so nice that people took interest. I will continue with this idea but I just have to figure out what and how I wanna do it. I'd really love to be able to do 1 once a month or 1 ever 2 months. We'll see what happens ;)

btw the number were picked randomly from I just placed them in order and then matched to your posting order :)


Birdernaturalist said...

Thanks for the book – I got home from being away for five weeks and it was in my stack of mail. I'll keep you posted on what I make from it.

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