Knit Along with me pt 2

So here we are again :)

To continue where we left off let me recap. So far we've Knit up the Body or TOP part of our Retro Sweater Tee.  Go HERE if you didn't catch this part or need a refresher. Now it's time to do the Bottom ribbing hem.

Now this has been a little tricky for me so i'm going to give you 4 options on how to do this with details.

BTW if you click on any of the images you can enlarge them, but the best way would be to right click and open in a new window.

All options are going to start the same way and that is by turning your knit piece on its side so that the ribbing is on the top and bottom but make sure that the edge you are picking up new stitches on is the edge without the neck shaping. I would suggest placing a marker of some kind on the side with your neck shaping as to not get confused.

Stitch count layout courtesy of Cheryl Brunette

For the first 3 options please follow the picked up stitch formula above for evenness.  

Lets start with Option 1:

Picking up 82 Sts from 76 rows directly from the BOND USM. OK first let me tell you that I don't suggest this one at all. I had a very hard time doing it . The fabric didn't stretch far enough and the needles are placed too far apart to begin with. I gave this option as an "So you know" I don't recommend it but you can try it.

Option 2:

When picking up your stitches with the circular needle make sure the right side of the fabric is facing you.
Picking up 82 Sts from 76 rows using a circular needle that will match the gauge you need. Now since I used  KP4 on the whole top section including the ribbing. I would use KP3 on the machine for this area but since i'm going to hand knit get the closest matching needle for the gauge. Now just Hand Knit a 2x2 ribbing for 28 rows Bind Off and you're done this side.

Option 3:

When you put the stitches back onto the BOND make sure the wrong side (purl) is facing you.
Same as Option 2 only after you've picked up your stitches knit about 2 rows then place all the stitches on your BOND knit 26 more rows then do your 2x2 ribbing , Bind off and you're done with this side.

Option 4: (Thanks to Sharon B from the BOND USM Facebook group for the idea)

With the chosen KP for your bottom ribbing do a closed cast of 82 needles of your choice. Knit 28 rows, do a 2x2 ribbing. Bind off. Then start your Top section but use a "Seam as you go" technique for the stitch and row that is given. The Seam as you go will be done on the left side of the bed and neck shaping will be on your right.

Here is a finished panel.

Once you've finished one of these options you will have completed 1 whole side. Just repeat it all over again to so that you have 2 matching pieces. Seam across the shoulders and up both sides and you've just completed the BOND version of the Retro Sweater Tee.

Original pattern can be found HERE you may have to register in order to download it but it is free.


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