new bags yaaaa !


Hey Fellow Knitters, 
I have some yarn I want to get rid of to clear out my stash. It's mostly sock yarns that I splurged on 
last year. The deals were too good to pass up when I bought them but as my passion for hand crafts has moved to something else that I feel is alil more suited for me I've decided to clean house.

What I have for sale are 6 yarns from the 2010 Collection Julia's Yarns.
I've looked on her site to see if some of these are still being sold and most aren't but instead of me marking them up because they are no longer in production & to try to make my money back , I figured i'd just sell them at a lower price and give you guys and even better deal.
Yarns are stored in a Smoke Free Home and Pet Free Area. 

Also Shipping is $4.95 flat rate, so it's not going to matter how many items you get.
75% Super Wash Wool 25% Nylon / 50grams / 9 balls Available

100% Wool / 50grams / 10 balls Available

100% Merino / 50grams / 3 skeins Available

50% Tencel 50% acrylic / 50grams / 8 skeins Available

100% Bamboo / 50grams / 8 balls Available

100% Wool / 50grams / 10 balls Available

New Items I Made.

Here are some new things i made yaaaaa me!

Ladies Wallet #1
I have to get a zipper foot and a better matching thread for stuff like this
once I get the new sewing machine it will be easier. Still not bad looking though.

This is a Proto-type bag I made
not loving the final outcome of this but the design was on the fly so
I have to test the design a few more times
Maybe i'll do a long strap with D rings & loops on the side next time.

Box Pouch Bag 1

hey hey it's me again, so this morning before I went to sleep I decided i wanted to make a bag so I tried out a pattern. I added a few things to it but I think the pattern could still use another adjustment.

Wallet Project 1

Hello :) it's me again, so here is the first wallet I made. It's a Men's wallet, I used some let over fabric from the Japanese quilt top I made. It has 2 money pockets, 1 zipper pocket, 6 card slots and a snap closure. I got the pattern from Here. And I also have another one set up ready to be made. Once that one is finished I'll post pictures as well.

The stitching isn't perfect but the final product still came out really nice and the more I make the better they will end up looking.

online store venture

Hey Peoples,

So this is just gonna be one of those posts that I just talk for a bit. No pics just yet cause nothing there isn't really any need for them today. Awhile back and probably long before that I've always wanted to be in business for my self you sell stuff you make. I've sorta done that with some people I've worked with when it comes to music, selling them songs I've produced for them or remix work etc.... And even when i was younger and my mom was into crafting we made some thing and sold them even baked some stuff and sold it. But now i want in for myself and i know i have the know how and the talent to do so. It's just figuring out what people want to buy or what they will buy. I took up knitting cause it was fun but right now i'm rethinking that i mean i still may want to do it because I've actually invested so much money into that well i can't just give it up and drop everything now. Same with the Screen Printing on T Shirts, I've just invested too much money into it to just drop it and kick it to the side. Now I've taken up quilting and sewing and well I actually kinda love it cause i can see results faster. 

With all that said, I basically would like to open an online store that sells Handmade items by me in the following areas.

* Quilts, Pillow cases, Pillows
* Handbags, Purses, Tote bags, Woman's & Men's  Wallets
* Men's Underwear, Men's Shorts
* Unisex all over design T's, Unisex Screen Printed T's
* Patches, Stickers, Notebooks, Postcards
* Some Knitted apparel such as socks, scarves, hats, vests & sweaters
* Fabric by the yard, Fat quarters of fabric lines I've designed
* A section were people I know can sell their stuff through me

I already have the company name down and a logo. I just need to make sure that i have a few things ready for sale and where to sell and how to get out there and market myself. So of course i still have alil researching to do. Also i have to make sure i price things properly so that people will actually buy it.

Now my next major purchase is another sewing machine, the Brothers CS-6000i it's a computerized machine for a really reasonable price, I was going to get it this week but decided not too. I will be getting it with my next paycheck though.

Monday Shopping YAAAA !

so there really isn't must to talk about just wanted to post some pics of the stuff i got today while shopping. i went to Joann's and AC Moore today. we also went to 5 Below but i'm not gonna post that stuff cause most of it was Luau party decor for the hubby's B-day party / Luau Beach Party at the club in 2 weeks. so here are the pics.

roll of inkjet fabric i got from AC Moore
Got more fabric by Jay McCarroll at AC Moore (right side is new left is the stash i already had)
3 different bundle sets i got at Joann's
3 more bundle sets from Joann's
last bundle set from Joann's I bought.
I also bought 2 spools of thread and 4) 7in zippers
and 8 snap closures.

Japanese Inspired Quilt 2

top is done.

Japanese Inspired Quilt 1

so I started a new quilt top, it’s gonna be modern vs classic / traditional (japanese/asian influenced)
I took a fat quarter and (I guess you can say appliqued) pieces I printed out on fabric sheets with some extra Designs I found off the internet I liked. I used a close zig zag stitch to give them a patch like look. I’ll Probably square this up and use it as a center block.

here is a picture. 

FINISHED diamonds and zig zag quilt

yaaa its done.

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