Hey Fellow Knitters, 
I have some yarn I want to get rid of to clear out my stash. It's mostly sock yarns that I splurged on 
last year. The deals were too good to pass up when I bought them but as my passion for hand crafts has moved to something else that I feel is alil more suited for me I've decided to clean house.

What I have for sale are 6 yarns from the 2010 Collection Julia's Yarns.
I've looked on her site to see if some of these are still being sold and most aren't but instead of me marking them up because they are no longer in production & to try to make my money back , I figured i'd just sell them at a lower price and give you guys and even better deal.
Yarns are stored in a Smoke Free Home and Pet Free Area. 

Also Shipping is $4.95 flat rate, so it's not going to matter how many items you get.
75% Super Wash Wool 25% Nylon / 50grams / 9 balls Available

100% Wool / 50grams / 10 balls Available

100% Merino / 50grams / 3 skeins Available

50% Tencel 50% acrylic / 50grams / 8 skeins Available

100% Bamboo / 50grams / 8 balls Available

100% Wool / 50grams / 10 balls Available


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