New ventures and such....

Hi There :)

So it's May already and I haven't really been up to much. Knitting is kinda on the back burner at the moment, I do have 1 project I keep working on while I'm at work but that's only because the damn thing stays in my bag so where ever I take my bag that projects goes with me. It's an Orca Tail scarf pattern kinda makes a design that looks like Whale tails or Mermaid Tails coming out of the water.

(not my image it was taken from the site i got the pattern from)
And I've decided to take up quilting. My first project is a lil quilt for the kitty and some random blocks I'll probably turn into baby quilts. so here are some pics
once the quilt is done I'll post more pics, this is just the top and Wally has already claimed it for his without knowing it's already being made for him :)


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