Happy Birthday to me !

So it's still my birthday and I turned 30, feels good was alil sad last night we went to the parx casino in philly I left with 150 only going in with 80 then we came home and went to the sands in bethlehem and lost it all despite doing well early on. When I got home I was just bum'd out and fell asleep, well when I woke up today I saw alot of people had left me birthday wishes online and on my phone so that was nice even people I don't know wished me a happy birthday online so that felt really good. The hubby and I went out for dinner to a seafood place not far from the house, it was really good. I loves him so much. He gave him his kodak HD video cam since he bought a new sony camera a couple weeks back and he gave me 200 bucks LOL but said i could use it to gamble which is ok but i'm gonna save it for something . I have no idea what i want yet :) so tonight i'm going over a friends house to work on my costumes for my show on thursday night i'm so nervous about it i dont even have the songs picked out yet and i hope that everything goes over so well i gotta get some stuff together for the prizes too. well i think that's it for now. i'll let you know how my show goes over durning the weekend.


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