Diamonds and Zig Zags? Quilt

So i got hit with alil inspiration yesterday. i whipped together a small quilt i guess it's baby sized. It's 36in x 36in.
i had the center part completed yesterday and today i finished the trim and basting now it's just to quilt it. I really want to wait till i get the new sewing machine. I've been conflicted on whether to get one and since wal-mart has a brothers compurtized one for $150 with free shipping i'm gonna get it plus it comes with a bunch of extra quilting parts. so anyways here is the quilt. this time i didn't take pics along the way.

Star Quilt update 8

YAAAAA! ok so i finally have the quilt top together. i'm still conflicted about doing another border though.
After I figure that out then all i have to do is sew the 2 pieces for the bottom and then sandwich everything together.

Star Quilt update 7

Star Quilt update 6

ok so here is an update one the quilt progress. I've started sashing the blocks and assembling the rows.

This is Row A and B. working on rows C, D and E.
I've had to change up some of the layout because stupid me had to get alil ahead of himself on the sashing .

Star Quilt update 5

So I've finally finished the last 8 blocks last night/ this morning took about 2 and a half hours now all I have to do is figure out the sashing and borders and square up the blocks.

Star Quilt update 4

This one is just going to be a written update because there really wasn't anything to take pictures of. The last 8 blocks are all that need to be done, and my progress so far after getting home from work, I think I went down in the basement around 3:30am and came up around 5:30am. I chained sewed  all the small squares to the rectangles to make the star parts and then I ironed them. I also cut 3 inch wide stripes of my 3 different black and white patterned fabrics so they are ready. All that's left now is to construct the actual blocks and that shouldn't take too long. Once the blocks are done I can move on to figuring out the border layout.

Star Quilt update 3

Did some more blocks i have a total of 12 done now and 8 more to go. yaaa for progress.

On a side note I have a remix project i still need to finish and then do some promo stuff for the bar for tomorrow night.

Star Quilt update 2

So I got 3 more blocks sewn up and 11 more to go. I've also picked out the fabrics I'll be using for my borders.

These are the 3 new blocks, I would have done the 4th one (purple and green) but I wanted to come upstairs and do some other things I'll probably go back down later though. 

This is the rest of the color pallet.
These are the fabrics I've selected for the borders.

bright stars quilt update!

So Monday night i took about 3 hours to cut all my star block pieces. Last night I started piecing, as of now (5:30am wed morning) I have 6 blocks complete and 14 to go. They don't take me that long to complete really but right now it seems that the pace I'm working at each block is taking 30 minutes with prep and assembly.

here is a pic of what i have done so far 

new quilt block update

So I've looked at all the bright fat quarters I had and bought 6 more today. right now i have 2 blocks completely sewn and i just spent the last 3 hours (1am - 4am) ironing cutting and stacking the pieces so that they are ready to be sewn. each square as of know will finish at 11inches and I've made up a layout for me to follow. right now i have a 2 inch finished black border on the layout but I'm not sure I'm gonna use that i have some black and white patterned fabric fat quarters i want to use up. so here is the design hopefully with all my math the measurements will end up to be 67 inches x 54 inches.

new quilting block

it's new for me and here it is.
the bottom one shows the colors alil better.

New quilt Project 1a

Hey there,

I've started some new blocks for a quilt. Right now I just need to piece the 2 blocks together and add the additional strip to one of the sides (as to not waste as much fabric as possible) here is a pic of it.

i'm not too sure i'm going to be able to find these fabrics again since there were in a fat quarter set @ Joann's when i got them and they were on clearance so i know it's gonna be hard to find them. Since this is basically my base what i may do is just take it with me shopping and find some fabrics to match it in color and i know the pieces aren't very matchy matchy but i really like the whole randomness of the piecing. since these 2 blocks aren't sewn together yet i may even just border them as to not throw my self or other people off when looking at it and saying it looks uneven when well that was my intention to make it uneven. so as this quilt comes to me and build i will post more pics of its progress.

Project updates !

Ok so I've finally finished something. The kitty quilt i made for our little kitty, Wally. Here is the outcome of that.

This is the Front view, I did a tie off method since this was a smaller and my first quilt.
This is the back view, as you can probably see he's got his hair on it already LOL.
This is just a close up of the front to show the ties.

I also took some pics of the scarf I was talking about cause I wanted to show mine instead of pics of someone elses. 

Ohhh and now to something exciting and kinda fun. So ever since I've decided to quilt I found out that there are places you can get your own fabric printed and I thought "oh wow that's a cool idea" Then I found out Jay McCarroll from season 1 of project runway had designed and put out a few lines of fabric for crafters. This made me want to make my own even more so i found a web site that would allow you to do this in Yards to an 8x8 swatch even fat quarters price is alil up there but for personalized fabric i think its sweet plus they have a knit fabric which I'm gonna love cause then i can do T-Shirts. So anyways back to the point. I already knew they made printable fabric sheets for inkjets in 8.5x11 then through my searches on Youtube i found out i can do my own at much a cheaper cost to me :) so i did just that and here is the out come so far. 
My Hello Kitty design on fabric
on card stock to see it better
cutie animal design by me on fabric
on car stock to get a better view

So yeah that's what I've been up to the last couple of days at home and I'll keep ya posted what my next projects will be and the progress on them :) TTFN

New ventures and such....

Hi There :)

So it's May already and I haven't really been up to much. Knitting is kinda on the back burner at the moment, I do have 1 project I keep working on while I'm at work but that's only because the damn thing stays in my bag so where ever I take my bag that projects goes with me. It's an Orca Tail scarf pattern kinda makes a design that looks like Whale tails or Mermaid Tails coming out of the water.

(not my image it was taken from the site i got the pattern from)
And I've decided to take up quilting. My first project is a lil quilt for the kitty and some random blocks I'll probably turn into baby quilts. so here are some pics
once the quilt is done I'll post more pics, this is just the top and Wally has already claimed it for his without knowing it's already being made for him :)

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