Happy Birthday to me !

So it's still my birthday and I turned 30, feels good was alil sad last night we went to the parx casino in philly I left with 150 only going in with 80 then we came home and went to the sands in bethlehem and lost it all despite doing well early on. When I got home I was just bum'd out and fell asleep, well when I woke up today I saw alot of people had left me birthday wishes online and on my phone so that was nice even people I don't know wished me a happy birthday online so that felt really good. The hubby and I went out for dinner to a seafood place not far from the house, it was really good. I loves him so much. He gave him his kodak HD video cam since he bought a new sony camera a couple weeks back and he gave me 200 bucks LOL but said i could use it to gamble which is ok but i'm gonna save it for something . I have no idea what i want yet :) so tonight i'm going over a friends house to work on my costumes for my show on thursday night i'm so nervous about it i dont even have the songs picked out yet and i hope that everything goes over so well i gotta get some stuff together for the prizes too. well i think that's it for now. i'll let you know how my show goes over durning the weekend.

the actual update

So I said I was gonna update everyone the other day on what's been going and I didn't, bad me. T-Shirt thing is on hold right now till I try to figure some things out with it. The knitting is slow again probably just the ole winter blues, you know don't wanna do shit. I did manage to start the kitchen on Sunday morning around 2am. I wanted to start it around 7 or 8pm after the hubby left for work but I kept saying "I'll do it in an hour" then another hour passed and another till finally I told myself "ENOUGH, just get up and do it" so i'd say about 70% is done since Sunday night. I didn't touch it much today but I did make some progress yesterday and hopefully I'll make some progress tomorrow and get it fully done. just a few more pots to clean then I can work on the stove and work my way around to where the microwave is and along that whole side and eventually the floors. So I'm taking it at a slow pace for now hopefully I can keep myself motivated enough that after I finish the kitchen I can then move onto another room, which one I'm not sure yet. There is the basement, the living room, bathroom, dining room (which I've seen but haven't been in since I moved in back in March of 08' he has a bunch of stuff stored in there which we need to sort out badly), our bedroom and the spare room (which I've seen but really haven't been in or used because he has all his studio stuff stored and piled in there). Yeah so I'm pretty upbeat about this is whole cleaning thing right now until i hit a block again when he starts getting pissed that I'm throwing things out that he may or may not need. I think he's got the symptoms of a Hoarder, I know I have minor ones but I'm willing to atleast thrown stuff away unlike him. Once this weather warms up things will go a little faster for me. Also if I keep away from the casino I think I'll be fine too, it's getting kind of depressing now for me, but I won't get into all that right now.

quick update

hey guys, just a quick check in. lots have been going on but I have to get ready for work. I'll write a full posting when i get to to work to let everyone know what's going on :)

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