Product reviews and demos pt. 2

Ok so I've finally be able to test some of these products as far as prepping and cutting goes. Some of the products failed in this 1st testing experiment. but I still have another one to do with them before I give you a final and over all conclusion as to the best method and what to buy. 

So today I used a couple different products that I'll list below. 

Martha Stewart Crafts Flocking, Glitter & Foil sheets ( 3 different products )
Provo Craft Yudu Foil and Flocking sheets ( 2 different Products )
June's Tones foil transfer 
Heat & Bond Lite
Cricut Transfer tape

So what I basically did for this test is cut big enough pieces of the Heat & Bond and applied it to the proper side of the transfer materials so that I can have them ready for cutting in my Cricut. This step was successful. 
Now came to the mounting and cutting part. Mounting the foils onto the cutting mat was ok until you had to pull it off to readjust. This caused the paper to come off and basically making it very difficult to handle even with the Heat & Bond attached. So this method with foil is a FAIL right out the gate because I didn't even get to cut it. 
Now on a side note. I did have success with my second method using the Heat & Bond. And that's basically cutting your shapes or whatever out first them pressing the Heat & Bond on your shirt then doing the foils on top of that. But I'll go over this method in Part 3 a little later.

Top: Marth Stewart Crafts Foil   Middle: June's Tones foil  Bottom: Provo Craft Yudu foil

Next I went with the flocking. Heat & Bond onto the flocking. the MSC flocking has a plastic sheet backing and the Yudu flocking has a heavy paper backing on it. Everything went well up until the cutting. This method did not cut the flocking so good even with proper settings. The flocking would just tear and look over all crappy with the cuts. So this is sort of a FAIL as well. 
Top: Yudu Flocking  Middle 1: MSC Flocking  

So lastly I have the MSC glitter. Heat & Bond placement great. Cutting was a half and half. You can't really do a kiss cut with this method because of the glitter but the plastic backing sheet on the glitter is thin enough to cut full through and get a good result but still not what I was looking to accomplish with this product. 
Top: MSC Glitter sheets  Middle: Kiss Cut method (Fail) Bottom: Full cut method. 

I'm going to try 1 more test and see how that comes out this way I can do a final comparison and give you an overall idea of what is the best way to go with these products . Stay Tuned!

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