Wow, So much is going on!

Hey Everyone,

So yeah, It's alil weird looking back and realizing how much stuff I have going on and getting done. So let me get the bad stuff out of the way first. That would be that I'm still without a job, but I'm making due. I'm still keeping my head up though, it's all in timing something will come through for me I just know it. But beside that a lot of wonderful things have been going on. Musically, the Jipsta single for "Part of the Year" that I produced reached #10 on the Billboard Dance Charts and will hopefully continue to climb. I have remixes out on 2 other singles right now. Two edit mixes for The Roxtar's "On the Radio" and One for mix, extended and edit for Aiden Leslie's "Worlds Away" both on iTunes and various other Digital download sites. In other good news a Music Label I had started years ago with a friend in Detroit named Hank. We are relaunching with a fresh look and sound. The first single will be a side project of mine called "Sol Pacifico - Bodega" not sure of the release date yet cause I'm waiting for the digital distribution guy to get back to me with that info. Once this single is launched I have some other goodies in store. I still have a few music projects on the table I'm running into mental blocks with but I'll eventually work the kinks out.

Now that the musical side of things is done, I'll go onto my craft side town. I recently Frogged an old project and recycled that yarn for a new project, as seen below.

which used to be this.

I haven't taken a picture yet but I have a baby cardigan on some needles right now. The back panel is almost done. I'll post later on about the progress of this project. But wow I'm so happy with all the things I've accomplished and that I'm working on. It's so nice to say you've done something and you have something to show for it at the same time. I'm still finding my niche with knitting. I do know that I'm not really a hat and or scarf kinda person even though I can knit them. I am leaning towards the whole sweater area, so hopefully that's where I'll find my comfort. I really do love designing things.


CrazyCarla said...

The sweater is really nice. I haven't been feeling well lately and need inspiration (like your sweater) to keep me going. You really have an eye for colors. I tend to stick with one color per item or using a variegated yarn. I need to expand my color choices. :)

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