Hey Yall,

 :) so here is my occasional update. My family decided not to do xmas on the 21st (yesterday) not sure when we'll be doing that. work asked me if i'd do all the food crap for our xmas party and i said yeah. we were going to have it catered but i guess the owner realized it would be to hard to do on the 28th. i have a drag show on thursday night hopefully that will be fun. also finished 2 mixes in 3 days for some people that deal with Jonny McGovern out of NYC 1 is Britney Houston's new song "Party Trail" which features my friend JP (aka) Jipsta so since i normally produce for him i decided to do a mix and i figured since he was cool with these people i would ask him to get jonny to give me the pella for Maxi J's song "Bring The Rain" which the hubby and I worked on together and it came out really good. now onto my next project?


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